Journey Through the Master Keys: Week 2!!

Well here I find myself again writing a blog, because I always keep my promises.

This week started off a little rocky, very tired and lacking energy but excuses never produce results. So, I buckled down and cleared my schedule for Sunday’s webinar, and thankfully so! See, I am the type of person who tries to get things done before anyone ever explains them. Didn’t have to study in school or college much, so not knowing something right away bothered me. Master Keys uses a whole new language I have never come across or learned in school. Not sure about any of you, but I had nooooo idea what a PPN was when I pre-read through my assignments for the week. I tried to guess in my head, the result was embarrassing! I won’t go into details about that. Basically lesson learnt, webinars are important if you want to understand and don’t try to rush through anything. I have definitely learned to use my time more effectively.

Ok, secondly… Has anyone ever noticed that everywhere you look is a blue rectangle?? Like where did they all come from? Have I been sleeping while I drive? They are everywhere!! Seriously, baffling.

Coming to the end of the week things have been really coming into perspective for me and I feel good. Looking forward to each and every week to follow. Stay tuned…


Journey through the Master Keys: Week one!

Well if you asked me a month ago what I would be doing today, never in a million years would I think I would say “writing a blog, reading scripts, arguing with my inner self on how to sit still”. But here I am….

I always wanted to be the best version of myself, but never really knew how to start that journey. Last week I was offered an opportunity to apply for a scholarship for a a 6 month course that “would change my life”, so I said hey what’s the worst thing that could happen. I applied and low and behold I was accepted!!

So there are some requirements to keep my scholarship, one being writing blogs – bare with me, I have never wrote a blog in my life so I am just winging it LOL! A few other requirements are sitting still for 15 minutes a day. Ya ya you probably think the same as I did, 15 minutes, PIECE OF CAKE! Think again, with a child and a dog, nearly impossible. Someone always wants to know what your doing or lick your face or whatever. But overcoming obstacles is just another part of life I choose to embrace.

So I invite all of you to listen in on this journey as I recreate my blueprint and truly become the best version of myself! I will be posting weekly 🙂